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A Brief History of Geodesy at OSU

1947: The Mapping and Charting Research Laboratory first offers degrees.

1950: The Institute of Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Cartography is established (G. Harding, Director; W.A. Heiskanen, Scientific Director).

1953: First M.S. degree is awarded (to W.M. Kaula).

1955: First Ph.D. degree is awarded (to C.E. Ewing).

1961: The Institute becomes the Department of Geodetic Science in the College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

1964: Prof. Urho Uotila begins 20-year chairmanship of the Department.

1975: B.S. in Surveying is added.

1981: The department name changes to Geodetic Science and Surveying.

1984: Prof. Ivan Mueller becomes chair of the Department.

1986: 35 years of Geodetic Science at OSU. The Center for Mapping is established, largely with efforts by the Department; Prof. John Bossler becomes its director.

1992: Prof. Clyde Goad becomes chair of the Department.

1995: The Department is tranferred to the College of Engineering under a university-wide re-structuring exercise.

1996: The Department merges with Civil Engineering, which becomes Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science.

1996: The Geodetic Science and Surveying Program continues within the new department, but independently of Civil Engineering programs.

1998: B.S. in Surveying is changed to B.S. in Geomatics Engineering.

2002: The Geodetic Science Program celebrates 50 years at OSU with the W.A. Heiskanen Symposium in Geodesy.

2005: The majority of Geodetic Science faculty moves to the Department of Geological Sciences (College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences).

2006: The Department of Geological Sciences becomes the School of Earth Sciences with divisions, one being the Division of Geodesy and Geospatial Science.

2009: The Geodetic Science Graduate Program moves entirely to the School of Earth Sciences. The Division name changes to Division of Geodetic Science. Geodetic Science in engineering becomes a track, Geoinformation and Geodetic Engineering, in the Civil Engineering Graduate Program.