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Helicopter Landing - Greenland lake

Kaarina and Weikko A. Heiskanen Fund

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This Fund was established to promote and stimulate the scientific activity on geodesy at The Ohio State University. The annual income
and/or principal, therefore, shall be used as follows: Annually on the Eve of Thanksgiving Day an award of $200, with diploma or certificate,
is to be made to the person who has most successfully forwarded the cause of geodesy and strengthened the reputation of the Department
of Geodetic Science and Surveying in the field of geodesy. At the same time a junior award of $100 may be made to a talented,
enthusiastic and devoted student, teaching assistant, or research assistant who has had particular interest in geodesy at this University,
or in lieu of the cash awards the committee hereinafter named may present an award of a certificate, medallion or other tangible evidence.